White cement


Client: Museum of Fine Arts and the Institute of the Blind and Partially Sighted, Budapest
In collaboration with: MOME Budapest
Design with: Kinga Szekely, Luca Takacs, Adam Vas
Photos credits: Gábor Kasza
Special thanks: Péter Orbán, Szövetség '39

The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest asked us at the university to design a museum gift which could be handcrafted by blind people, so that they could be produced in cooperation with the Institute of Blinds, helping disabled people to earn a living. A responsive solution was needed to connect the pleasures of visual arts with blindness in an object.
The necklace is a stiff concrete ring at the beginning, which by breaking into pieces turns into a flexible, wearable necklace. The more pieces it’s broken, the softer it is, while a net inside the concrete holds the broken parts together. Wile beholds its beauty in tactile transition, thus it’s equally perceptible for both blind and sighted.


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