Second nature


Client: Laskaridis Foundation
Photos credits: Javier Sirvent

Can the plastic pollution of the Greek seas be a new raw material for creation and innovation?

The New Raw wants to give a positive response through the Second Nature project. Driven by the problem of marine plastic pollution, The New Raw collects nets from the bottom of the sea and, with 3d-printing, gives them the form of seashells; the symbols of marine beauty and cleanliness.
These nets, called ghost nets, are synthetic fishing nets, cut off or lost by fishing vessels, which are now permanently on the seabed. They are considered the most deadly plastic waste, as fish and large mammals, such as sea turtles and seals, are entangled in them.

Second Nature is a Research & Design project that converts ‘ghost nets’ into digitally crafted artefacts, depicting sea creatures such as seashells and corals that are currently in danger due to plastic pollution. This transformation is achieved through recovery and recycling, 3d-printing and scanning techniques.

Process pictures

Conceptual artifacts




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